The story is the key to image making. A single image must contain the ability to summon its preamble and its conclusion. The root of an image-idea, is an observation which triggers a deeper thought. The act of observing must be inquisitive. Visualise a symbolic reality where both the absurd and the familiar blend into each other. The image must play with the existing pull between its artificiality and its resemblance with reality.  An image appears simple, at first glance, yet always carries something sinister. That which is visually shocking seduces the audience. A good image derives from a certain control about the terms and contents which shape it. In an image: Actors are automats, models are props, objects are actors. Colour & Light. The grooming of an image begins on set and ends when fine tunned in post-production. Be in control. Play set designer, director and photographer. An image is its own universe.